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Graceful Exits

Latest From Our Divorce Blog

3 Steps to Divide Assets in a Divorce

Aside from child custody issues, dividing assets (and debts) in a divorce can be one of the most controversial elements of a case. What is considered marital or separate property? “What will become of your house, your savings account, or your 401(k) once the divorce is final?” If you haven’t been handling the finances, this part of your case may feel intimidating.

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Why Your Attorney Shouldn’t Answer Your Financial Questions

You’ve recently been served notice of a divorce petition filed by your spouse. So far, you’ve done all the right things: You’ve interviewed a few attorneys, hired one you feel comfortable with, and you’re gathering up the information they’ve asked you to put together. Everything seems right on track. Until you have a question about money. “How does the pension work?” you ask. Your attorney is a divorce professional. Certainly, they should be able to answer this question, right?

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Health Insurance & Divorce: What Are My Options?

Most of us have an opinion one way or the other about how health insurance works here in the U.S. Regardless of how you feel about the current system, the fact that insurance coverage is often tied to employment means that a non-working or part-time employed spouse in a divorce proceeding may have some healthcare challenges ahead of them after the divorce. If you are in a divorce proceeding (or considering initiating a divorce) and healthcare is on your mind, this article is for you.

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3 Factors that Impact Child Support in Texas

Depending on what side of your divorce case you are on, you may be wondering: “How much will I pay in child support?” or “How much will I get in child support?” These are key questions if you are trying to figure out post-divorce finances, and this is one of the few divorce questions we can answer with some measure of confidence.

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Negotiation Techniques in Divorce: Arriving at “Yes”

Negotiations: We all have them nearly every day. We negotiate bedtime with a restless child. We negotiate which movie to see with friends or where to go for dinner with our partner. Depending on your job, you might even negotiate as a part of your professional life. We all do it at one point or another. If you are getting divorced, you’re likely in the middle of one of the biggest negotiations of your life. But how many of us really know how negotiating works?

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What’s Mine Is Ours: Community Property in Texas Divorce

Texas is a Community Property state. When a couple resides in a Community Property state, the law deems that any property acquired by either member of the couple during the marriage is jointly owned by both members of the couple regardless of how the asset might be titled or whose labor earned the money. Characterization of assets as either Community Property or Separate Property can have a big impact on the value of your divorce settlement.

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