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Graceful Exits

Latest From Our Divorce Blog

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Divorce

If you are lucky, you’ll only have to get divorced once in your life. And since this is likely your first time, you haven’t yet had a chance to learn from your mistakes. In the spirit of making divorce less terrible for everyone, here are the top 10 mistakes to avoid in your divorce.

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Alimony in a Texas Divorce

Many a family law client has sat in their lawyer’s office and asked, “Will I get alimony?” (or maybe, “Will I have to pay alimony?”). As with most elements of a divorce case, the answer is, “It depends.” Like with child support, the Texas Family Code specifies factors and limits used to determine what, if any, alimony might be due. In this month’s edition of Graceful Exits, we’ll look at those factors and limits and discuss how you might bolster your case for alimony.

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What’s Mine Is Ours: Community Property in Texas Divorce

Texas is a Community Property state. When a couple resides in a Community Property state, the law considers that any property acquired by either member of the couple during the marriage is jointly owned by both members of the couple regardless of how the asset might be titled or whose labor earned the money. Think of it this way: If you order a burger and fries at dinner, half of the burger and half of the fries belong to your spouse in the eyes of the law. And half of the salad your spouse ordered belongs to you. All joking aside, characterization of assets as either Community Property or Separate Property can have a big impact on the value of your divorce settlement. Understanding what each type of property is, how it is characterized, and who is entitled to each will be key to understanding your settlement agreement.

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How to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

The time between late January and early April is sometimes referred to as “divorce season” by those who work in Family Law. This is the period right after the holidays and just after the New Year when many people are thinking of making big changes to improve their lives. If you are one of those people looking to leave their marriage, you’re going to need representation and you may be wondering how to hire a divorce lawyer.

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How to Get Divorced

When many of us think of divorce, we envision a courtroom with a judge, attorneys, and the warring parties set against each other in a legal battle royale. That may be how it goes in the movies, but the fact is that a very small number of divorce cases end up in a courtroom. Most are settled elsewhere, only involving a judge when it comes time for the presiding justice to sign the divorce decree. If you are considering asking for a divorce, consider also how you think your case may be best settled. It may be less stressful, less costly, and less painful than you think.

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Pre-Divorce Checklist

If you have decided to pursue divorce, there are lots of things to be done. Some are vital; others are less so. This checklist is designed to help you get organized before you start the process.

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