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Graceful Exits

Latest From Our Divorce Blog

3 Steps to Divide Assets in a Divorce

Aside from child custody issues, dividing assets (and debts) in a divorce can be one of the most controversial elements of a case. What is considered marital or separate property? “What will become of your house, your savings account, or your 401(k) once the divorce is final?” If you haven’t been handling the finances, this part of your case may feel intimidating.

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Why Your Attorney Shouldn’t Answer Your Financial Questions

You’ve recently been served notice of a divorce petition filed by your spouse. So far, you’ve done all the right things: You’ve interviewed a few attorneys, hired one you feel comfortable with, and you’re gathering up the information they’ve asked you to put together. Everything seems right on track. Until you have a question about money. “How does the pension work?” you ask. Your attorney is a divorce professional. Certainly, they should be able to answer this question, right?

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What’s Mine Is Ours: Community Property in Texas Divorce

Texas is a Community Property state. When a couple resides in a Community Property state, the law deems that any property acquired by either member of the couple during the marriage is jointly owned by both members of the couple regardless of how the asset might be titled or whose labor earned the money. Characterization of assets as either Community Property or Separate Property can have a big impact on the value of your divorce settlement.

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7 Things I Learned When I Divorced

Sitting in my office one early February morning in 2017, eyes puffy from crying, it finally dawned on me that I had no choice but to leave my marriage. Six days later, I was loading my things into a moving truck bound for my new one-bedroom apartment. Those six days were the easy part. It would take 17 months for my divorce to be settled, and during that time I learned a lot. In this piece I’d like to share some of those experiences in hopes that I can help you avoid some of my mistakes and make your divorce process as smooth as possible.

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Taking a Team Approach to Divorce

When I work with divorcing clients in my practice, I often encourage a team approach. Divorce is a complex and emotionally charged process, and very few professionals are equipped to effectively answer every single need that a client may have. This article aims to outline the various professionals who might make up your team, and help you decide when to call on them.

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Starting Your Divorce: A Short Guide to Leaving

Ending a relationship, especially a marriage, is hard. There are heated emotions, hurt feelings, money anxieties, and complicated logistics (not to mention kid issues if there are children still at home). If you’ve decided to end your marriage but haven’t figured out how to start the process, you aren’t alone.

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