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Current Events 

Investing in the modern age come with some unique challenged and investors are looking for perspective and guidance. I've aggregated what I believe are our most useful resources on this page. I will be making updates periodically so come back often.

Planet Money Summer School

"Economics is a game you should know how to play. And once you get the fundamental concepts, you start to see it everywhere: the news, the supermarket and even your dating life. So it's time to learn the rules. Planet Money Summer School is a crash course in economics for your ears."

Planet Money is a free podcast from NPR and now through early September, the Planet Money team will be dropping a new 20 to 40 minute episode each week that explores key investing concepts.

Lear more here.

You can download Plant Money on your favorite podcast app.

In the Markets Now

A series of timely pieces on recent market action and financial news from Baird's Private Wealth Management Equity & Fixed Income Research team. Click the title to view a PDF of each article.

Other Insights

Quick Takes Video Series

Baird's Market Insights

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