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Investor Education Events 

I believe strongly that an educated investor is a happier, more balanced, more productive investor. Because of that I am dedicated to offering as much free education as I can. This October, you are invited to join us for a

Free Information Session

Thursday, October 20, 2022 at 11:30 am

Providing for Family Now & Tomorrow

Family is everything and balancing your family's savings goals can feel daunting. This session we'll discuss striking a balance between saving for college and saving for retirement. Then we'll shift gears and talk about protecting what you've built with a will or a trust.

Featured Speakers

Sarah. C. Cuddy, CDFA(R), CFP(R), Financial Advisor for Baird Private Wealth Management

Amanda Pierson, JD, Estate Planning Attorney for Heights Law Group

Simply complete the contact form below and you'll receive the meeting details via email within 1 business day.

Robert W. Baird & Co Incorporated does not provide tax or legal advice.

Baird does not have any formal relationships or arrangements with Amanda Pierson or Heights Law Group. This should not be considered an endorsement of the products or services offered by individuals or their firms.