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The Balance

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Wealth Management 101

In Praise of Simplicity: Tips for a Healthy Portfolio

All too often, clients come to me with investment ideas they like. Some are good and some are not so good, but many of them are complex.

As humans, we are often seduced by complexity, as though the more glamorous or intricate an investment instrument is, the better it must be.

Why own a set of simple and low-cost index funds when you can buy a hedge fund? Why buy and hold when you can trade actively? Is the market falling? Why not short some stocks?! Just think of the possibilities!

Now a dose of reality.

This type of behavior is part of the reason that “the average investor” underperforms the market over time.

Please allow me, in an effort to save you from yourself, to make an impassioned argument for the cheap, simple, and boring.

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Sarah Around Town

With the COVID-19 pandemic fading into the background of our lives, the year of travel that was supposed to happen in 2020 is unfolding now in 2022. Where was I off to this past month?

Glamorous Milwaukee, Wisconsin of course!

After two long years of work-from-home and no in-person company events we were all ready to mix, mingle, and celebrate. The entire firm (which encompasses Private Wealth Management, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Equities Research, Fixed Income Sales and Trading, Private Equity and our home office staff) came together to learn, celebrate, and enjoy the culture that make's Baird one of the best places to work.

I've come home refreshed, energized, and ready to demonstrate the Baird difference to all of you!

Sarah's Tip of the Month


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