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The Balance

A monthly newsletter where you can find the latest Wealth Management 101 blog post, news about my latest adventures, and my tip of the month.

Wealth Management 101

4 College Savings Options for Your Child

Fall means back to school and that may have set you to thinking about what happens once your little ones finish high school.

In the spirit of the back to school season, I’m going to dedicate this month’s Wealth Management 101 to college savings.

In my practice, college savings is a very common goal for parents and grandparents.

With college costs continuing to rise faster than inflation, and the value of a post-secondary education undisputed, saving for higher education is key to your child’s future.

This month I’ll walk you through the various vehicles available and the pros and cons of each.

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Sarah Around Town

There I was, in the middle of the mountains of California, with my hiking boots, hiking pants, hiking shirt, and hiking canteen. But had I packed hiking socks?

No. No I had not.

I was bummed.

But I thought that I'd ask the folks at the hotel reception desk if there might be a gift shop in the hotel selling socks.

No, there was not.

But the nice man behind the desk said "Wait here, one minute, please." I waited several beats, unsure where he had dashed off to. When he returned he had a pair of brand new socks in his hand. "Will these work?"

(As you can see, they did.)

In that moment I experienced two things: surprise and delight. I certainly hadn't expected this man to bring me socks and I was delighted when he did. He saved the day.

It was a simple thing. But a thing I will always remember.

And a lesson. When you can surprise and delight, you'll win the warm regard of those you serve. Know that I am always looking for ways to surprise and delight you. Because you deserve it.

Sarah's Tip of the Month

There are three key ages when you can start Social Security Income Benefits.

Which one is right for you? Let's talk about it!


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