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The Balance

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Wealth Management 101

How Should I Pay Down My Debt?

Debt — most of us have it. While debt can be an excellent tool to achieve major milestones like a college education or a home purchase, it can also be corrosive to your financial health and stability. And very few “regular folks” have ever been educated on how to deal with debt optimally. In my ongoing quest to bring good financial advice directly to you, this month I’m taking on debt.

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Sarah Around Town

I finally did it!

I bought myself a pony.

This latest adventure in spending started in March when my trainer told me that it was time for Dumbledore, the school pony, to retire at the ripe old age of 28.

I figured it would take months to find just the right partner to replace him and call my own. But just a few weeks later I found myself falling in love with a charming chestnut gelding named Chico.

The sale was final by May.

To be clear, having a pony is not the most financially responsible choice. But sharing my life with Chico will give me untold joy in the years to come.

Having a Financial Plan isn't about being perfectly responsible all the time. It's about finding, and financing your joy. Keep that in mind the next time we sit down to talk about your money.

Lifestyle Corner

Houston Restaurant Weeks is back for 2021 and I'm already salivating!

August is typically one of the slowest months for restaurants. In an effort to drive diners to local haunts during this slow time, and to drive donations to The Houston Food Bank, Houston's own "Diva of Dining", Cleverly Stone, founded HRW in 2003. For each HRW meal sold, a cash donation is made to The Houston Food Bank.

The month of August will find me dining for a cause as often as my budget will allow and I hope that yours will too.


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