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The Balance

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Wealth Management 101

Understanding Credit: Your Score vs. Your Report

Credit: Most of us will need it at some point, but few of us really understand how it works. In fact, we may get our initial rude awaking when trying to make our first-ever big, meaningful purchase.

If you have large financial goals like buying a home, buying a car, or financing a business startup, credit may play a key role in realizing those goals.

Now is the time to educate yourself so you can be ready when the time comes.

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Sarah Around Town

If you follow me on social media, you've definitely seen my #FoxyFriday posts. For the unfamiliar, Foxy Lady is my COVID rescue; a seven year old chihuahua miniature pincer mix. One advantage to a "senior dog" is no need to potty train, deal with teething, or crate train. But you can't really teach them anything new, right?

I submit to you, Exhibit A:

It only took us a few short weeks to train Foxy to jump into this crate, and  a few days to teach her to sit quietly in the crate while it was mounted on the back of my bike. I snapped this during our first ride around the neighborhood. Foxy loves bike rides now!Here's the lesson: It's never too late to learn something new. If you are learning about investing for the first time, take heart. You really can teach and old dog new tricks.

Lifestyle Corner

Fall is just around the corner which means that soon we can all go outside again without wilting in the heat of late summer. Why not welcome the coming of a new (cooler) season by visiting a local farmers market? Fresh fruits, flowers, and vegetables, locally produced cheeses and honey... All sounds pretty good to me.

We are terribly spoiled here with no fewer than ten fantastic markets across the city. Find a list of the ten best here and start your Saturday off right with a visit to the market.


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