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Wealth Management 101 

Latest From My Personal Finance Blog

Just Eat the Treat Already

Walking down the stairs one afternoon, I saw my little dog Foxy resting on her spot on the couch. As I got closer, I saw her tiny body stiffen, her ears turn down, and her eyes grow big. Arriving next to the couch, I asked her: “Foxy, what are you doing?” She responded with a soft growl and moved her body to cover a small lump in her blanket. She was hoarding a treat.

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In Praise of Simplicity: Tips for a Healthy Portfolio

All too often, clients come to me with investment ideas they like. Some are good and some are not so good, but many of them are complex. As humans, we are often seduced by complexity, as though the more glamorous or intricate an investment instrument is, the better it must be. Why own a set of simple and low cost index funds when you can buy a hedge fund? Why buy and hold when you can trade actively? Is the market falling? Why not short some stocks?! Just think of the possibilities!

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How Do Taxes Work?

The U.S. tax code is a mystery to the typical individual. But federal taxes (not to mention state and local taxes) are a big expense for most of us — and most of us are interested in paying less in taxes. But you can’t mitigate what you don’t understand. In this installment of Wealth Management 101, I’m going to lay out the most common types of federal taxes we all pay, give you some insight into how each works, and outline ways to potentially lower your tax bill.

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