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Wealth Management 101 

Latest From My Personal Finance Blog

Pre-Nup, Post-Nup: Which is Right for Me?

First marriages are happening later and later in life and second marriages are common as well. This means that more and more people are marrying at a time in their lives when they have meaningful assets like homes, retirement accounts, or businesses that they built up before the date of marriage. And while most enter marriage believing that it will last forever, we know that won’t be the reality for nearly half of all couples. If you failed to plan, you may find yourself waving goodbye to half of the assets that you worked so hard to build during your single days. So, how do you protect yourself and make any future divorce proceedings as painless as possible? A set of Nuptial Agreements is a good place to start.

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How Should I Pay Down My Debt?

Debt — most of us have it. While debt can be an excellent tool to achieve major milestones like a college education or a home purchase, it can also be corrosive to your financial health and stability. And very few “regular folks” have ever been educated on how to deal with debt optimally. In my ongoing quest to bring good financial advice directly to you, this month I’m taking on debt.

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Saving for College: What Are My Options?

May is sometimes celebrated as 529 month (because May 29 is 5/29…clever, no?). In the spirit of this celebration, I’m going to dedicate this month’s Wealth Management 101 to college savings. In my practice, college savings is a very common goal for parents and grandparents. With college costs continuing to rise faster than inflation, and the value of a post-secondary education undisputed, saving for higher education is key to your child’s future. This month I’ll walk you through the various vehicles available and the pros and cons of each.

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Making a Will: What’s the Big Deal?

When I sit down with a client to review their overall financial health, I almost always ask if they have a will in place. My Type A’s typically do, but the majority of others don’t. Overwhelmingly, the reasons clients give for not having a will are: 1. It’s not that important 2. I don’t want to think about dying There’s not much I can do about the second reason, but maybe I can help with number one.

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Romance, Money, and the Business of Marriage

It’s February again, and lovebirds all over the United States are preparing to celebrate with flowers, candy, and maybe even a beautiful engagement ring. It’s easy to get swept up in the romance of getting married, and planning a wedding can be one of the most fun and joyful times in a person’s life. But before you light the unity candle, say “I do,” jump the broom, or break the glass — make sure you’ve done your financial homework together.

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